I was looking for a new apartment because my landlord gave me 30 days to get out of the one I was living in. My lease was up and he was nice enough to let me live there on a month to month basis. He did give me the option to sign another lease but since I didn’t want to, I was going to have to move.

I started searching around for apartments for rent 30339 area. I found lots of apartments in the area and lots of websites with listings for them. The first website I went to had listings and I was able to search the price range I was interested in looking at. I found lots of apartments that were affordable and were close to the area I wanted to live in. I looked at some of the pictures, but I wanted to see them in person. I sent an email to the contacts on the listings and heard back from them shortly after that. I set up appointments to look at these apartments and after looking at them, I decided I didn’t want to live in any of them.

I went to Facebook and asked my friends there if they could tell me about any apartments for rent 30339 area code. I had several responses from friends that directed me to a great local Facebook group that has listings. I also had a few other friends tag me in apartment rentals that were listed on Facebook which made it easier for me to find them. Before I even looked through the pictures of them, I checked the cost to make sure it was affordable. I found a few that were within my price range and I was able to set up an appointment to look at those.

After I looked at those apartments I figured out which one I wanted to rent. I signed the paperwork and was able to move in after that. I called a few good friends up and they helped me get moved the same day. It was a relief to get moved and move into a new house. Since they helped me move, I provided the food and the beer. We had a great time moving and I’m glad they were able to help me because they made it much easier on me.